Cancellation and No shows.

When you have an appointment, this time is reserved exclusively for you. In the event that you must cancel your appointment, we require a 24 hour advance notice for all spa/salon services. Cancellations of less than 24 hours will be charged 50% of the service(s) booked. No shows will be charged 100% of the service(s) booked.

Late Arrival Policy
Arriving late, will deprive you of valuable service time. As a courtesy to the next client, your treatment will end at the time originally scheduled. Late* arrivals may be rescheduled, or the remainder of the service time may be used at full price. Please come with No Mascara, No Eyeliner, and No Heavy Makeup. If you wear Contact Lens, please bring your own case to take them off during the application. Also, please do not to use any Oily Product on your eyelashes prior to your appointment.

Sensitive to Adhesive:
If you have an allergic reaction to the glue or eye pads please inform me before your appointment. If your eyes itch too much, tears a lot or eyelids get swollen within 24 hours after the application, you need to remove eyelash extensions immediately. In this case, please do not wait to contact me immediately 24/7 anytime at 714 595-1837 to book removal appointment. I highly suggests you visit your eye doctor right away.

First time Set of Eyelash Extensions for your important event:
If this is your first time having eyelash extensions applied and it is for an important event, we highly suggest you to come for the trial set at least 3-4 weeks before the event, then return for the complete set before the event. Allergy reaction to eyelash extensions glue can occur but is very rare. We sure don’t want any puffy eyelids on your important day, so please come for the trial set first, just to be safe.

Waiver & Release Form
Due to Faces by Dre’s policy, we must ask every customer who gets eyelash extensions application to fill out and sign the waiver & release form before the session starts.

During the lash application:
Please turn off the cellphone ringer. Remove shoes and get comfortable.
On the lash application bed
Once the application starts, your eyes will need to remain closed until completion. Avoid wetting eyelashes at least 24 hours after the lash application in order to prolong the glue bond. Face wipe (no rinse type) is the best to clean your face during the first 24 hours after application. Thank you for your support and business

We accept cash and most major credit cards.